the Zero, 2020
collaboration Juan Pablo Cámara
YUNFUN RC Drone for Kids, plastic wall sheathing, Primark men’s sweaters, industrial chain link, four blood capsules

the Zero is a hypocenter: a ground zero warzone staging a never-before-seen battle. The rules of combat are described by a computationally-encoded TreeMap. The TreeMap is a node-matrix of relationality where nodes are defined by states of embodiment both performers enter with telepathic, ultra-connected immediacy. Rehearsed through eye-to-eye-contact (and sometimes “hand-to-hand combat”), the Zero’s matrix permits accelerated transitions, unforeseen evolutions, and an erosion of identification.

the Zero is Zander Porter and Juan Pablo Cámara’s memory algorithm. An emptied nest, it is a choreography welcoming a hoard of new figures, fictions, species, and meshes always sitting at the edges of representation – haunting and role-playing masculinity (through “masculinized” horrors and entities).

the Zero premiered for Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM 2020. (Documentation images © Refik Sancar & Kristi Giambattista [SomoS].) the Zero was invited to be developed further in residency at Trauma Bar und Kino and the project’s TreeMap (below), with text accompanying, was published in This Container by *rile.