Emoji-bot [Du{think}BTTR_off_alleine?], 2021
performance ketia, Harald Stojan, & Annalise Van Even
Invision & Fitueyes stands, Samsung 55”, Hisense 50”, Sharp 80”, Zindoo 3D window-film, Rabbitgoo 3D window-film, duct tape, GameCube

( ◡‿◡ *) Remember when grumpiness evolves in a rather short time towards a sense of longing and total existential evacuation… Some temporal segments are structured by concise “5, 6, 7.1, 8” – whereas others are documented impromptu and post-produced. Quadruplets presently demonstrate comparable rhythms; one emerged at the beginning with a camera attached to its face. Gathered within a social solo of (dis)embodied emote-reactions, their togetherness asks if similitude is always already algorithmic.

▓▒░(°◡°)░▒▓ Attitudinize… and plug into the wall-socket (full-recharge fantasy)! “Emoji-bot” is a four-player avatar with human’s feet-coverings, polygonal posture, and misapprehended grandeur – of mortality, sass, age, and pending resurrection. It-we enacts a “post-embodied performance”: an onscreen departure from a cute world of mediated liveness which has been recently (re)constructed.

( ˘ ɜ˘) ♬♪♫ Initially shortlisted for Akademie Schloss Solitude Web Residencies, Emoji-bot [Du{think}BTTR_off_alleine?] debuted after pandemic-unique residency at ACUD MACHT NEU in ACUD Galerie with DJ-sets by ketia and lil witch global, co-organized by Johannes Braun and Paula Ďurinová. Early sketches in the development of the work were shown and supported by DFBRL8R (performed by Stevie Hanley for What Remains), TV x KW Institute for Contemporary Art (for The Berlin Sessions: ClumpTV), and Natascha Sadr Haghighian (Bad Muskau); later, the work was reinstalled for glitching code at one gee in fog in Geneva (documentation images © Alizée Quinche published on Contemporary Art Switzerland and KubaParis) and Dust to Dust at Zabludowicz Collection in London. The exhibition was additionally partially supported by NEUSTART KULTUR and developed via early residency support from Tanzbüro Berlin.