3M0T1NG|«/n3tw0rk1ng», 2022
performance Isis Andreatta, Ahmed El Gendy, Charlie Laban Trier, Raoni Muzho Saleh, Simone Gisela Weber, & Jakob Wittkowsky
music Li Yilei
costume Dynno Dada
outside-eye Setareh FatehiElisa Zuppini
mentorship Erin Manning

Synthetic sapphire lenses and/or/are/our eyes: contacting, capturing, caressing bodies and selves in proximity. (Un)seeing eyeballs and smartphones as “technological prostheses” prompts new dimensionality for flesh and (virtual) enmeshment. Representations pulsate and scan through embodiment with satellitic signal. Which spacetime emerges from recoding the “I/i” in transindividual? Proposed is a technogenetic matrix for rehearsing a ceremonial articulation of this inquiry. 3M0T1NG features dancing collaborators within a human-body(-[trans]individual) equation in which imaging devices and web semiotics backdrop vocabularies for emo-techno-social soma. The research speculates about simulations of eye-contact and (non-)complex images, disconnecting essentialized “truths” from feelings and expressions. Rendered are psychic dissociations from normative emotionality, re-manifesting (or “queering”) inter-relational communications in “real” (hallucinatory) and virtual (computed) time.

A [2-player] performance-test with Charlie Laban Trier, performed for Y: NORMAL BODIES at Divadlo X10 in Prague (documentation images © Marek Koliha) preceded a [4-player] 3M0T1NG [process] for Studio Showings 2022 at DAS Graduate School (documentation images © Thomas Lenden). A solo [satellitic] 3M0T1NG occurred at the Integration and Testing Laboratory of INPE (curated by Fabiane M. Borges), Brazil’s space research and technology center. Support for research begins with DAS Choreography and continues via the Saison Foundation (Tokyo), SACi-E / National Institute for Space Research (São José dos Campos), IDlab – Academie voor Theater en Dans (Amsterdam), and Fonds Darstellende Künste (Berlin). [6-player] 3M0T1NG premieres at Uferstudios (Berlin) in 2022 with additional presences Raoni Muzho Saleh, Charlie Laban Trier, and Simone Gisela Weber, supported by NPN-STEPPING OUT (Munich).